AASBL Membership
AASBL Membership

The American Association of Small Business Leaders (AASBL.com) is dedicated to democratizing AI and Blockchain technologies through affordable memberships. Leverage the convenience of online webinars and workshops, customized to your pace and schedule. Secure your GPT-Workdesk now and unlock unparalleled AI capabilities at your fingertips!

A.I. Innovation
A.I. Innovation

AI Innovation: Where Education meets Automation and Communication. Embark on a transformative journey with us, beginning with intuitive lessons for beginners. Explore our "FastStart" packages, your gateway to rapid AI document creation. Continually updated with new additions, these packages seamlessly integrate with your GPT-Workdesk, empowering you to leverage AI technology instantly.

For Business Leaders
For Business Leaders

Tailored for business leaders across the spectrum, our courses offer a hands-on and accelerated learning experience. We introduce an expedited new format: "A.I. Speedpacks". These guided video courses, available directly in your GPT-Workdesk, facilitate a dynamic and immersive educational journey, empowering you to lead with innovation and expertise.

GPT Workdesk: Multi-GPT Integration

ChatGPT, Google Bard, Microsoft Bing, Claude AI all in one integrated desktop application

Multi GPT + Office Tools

Work with any of these GPT engines and find out which one works best for you. Plus free Microsoft compatible office tools.

ChatGPT, Bard, Bing, Claude AI

Multiple Workdesks

Organize your clipboards, prompts, documents via easy to configure workdesks. All on your local workstation!

Windows Desktop

Custom Menus

We provide a few default menu choices. You can add your own and integrate easily in your personal workflow.

Personal and customized

Multiple Clipboards

Easy storage of text , links, images in as many clipboards as you need. Multiple text formatting options. Auto save on exit.

Store locally

Prompt Manager

Everything in AI is about prompts, it is the gateway to excellent results. Keep your favorite prompts in this easy Prompt Manager.

Time saver!

GPT Workdesk is Awesome!

Key Benefits of your Membership:

  • Create documents, slide decks, and spreadsheets with ease

  • Get explanations and analysis on your data and reports

  • Automate repetitive administrative tasks

  • Enjoy thought-provoking courses and learning resources

  • Stay organized with AI-powered project management

  • Maximize your time by focusing on high-value work

We've carefully designed GPT-Workdesk to help SMB leaders and entrepreneurs like you accomplish more each day. Learn how our human-centered AI can transform your workflow. Sign up now to try!

Join our AASBL Membership program

As an American Association of Small Business Leaders (AASBL.com)  member you have constant news and updates. We create new videos all the time giving you more insights and help you maximize AI use. Our Speedpacks, FastStart packages save you time and guide you through the process in a very fast and unique way. You need to try it and experience for yourself.

Beginners Welcome
Advanced Classes
Special Software
"Explain Today"

"Explain Today" are our many videos specially created for SMB Leaders. Practical and useful information to get started right away. Hands on courses with instant results.

Beginners Welcome

All our courses start at beginners level. These courses help you get familiar with AI content generation and explain how to use it in your company.

Advanced Classes

Once you're familiar with the workings of AI content generation, we will take you through more advanced content.

Special Software

Our specialized software programs were specifically written for you, SMB Leaders.

you can watch on any device

Windows desktop software but videos will become available in multiple formats and on multiple devices.

Join AASBL and start exploring with GPT-Workdesk

Frequently Asking Questions

What is included in a subscription plan?

As an AASBL Member you have access to all our course materials, newsletter and downloadable help files.

Can I use my mobile phone?

Our website is mobile friendly, we are working on a downloadable app to make membership access even easier.

Can I cancel any time?

You can cancel any time!

How can I get GPT Workdesk software?

Once you completed all the intro videos you can request access to GPT Workdesk. Once installed you can start using it on your local desktop.

Can I get updated videos?

With your membership you have access to the newest videos immediately when they are released. An email will be sent out if you opted for that service.